The Burton Snooker Club has a club room in the GVH social club building that can be freely used by members. 

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Snooker Club and Social Club dues for 2023-24 are now due.
Snooker Club dues are £15.  Social Club membership is also required. If you have not paid for this year through another club please add the dues to your snooker club payment (£30).

Dues can be paid by bank transfer with an email to [email protected] to say you’ve made the deposit and which club social club dues were paid through.

Cheques now cost the club a big proportion of the membership dues to pay in, which is why bank transfer is preferred.
Payment by cash is by arrangement with the treasurer, Ian Birch – (07434) 731129

Club News

2023 AGM

The 2023 AGM on 14th March was well attended. There was discussion about renovation of the table and how we could pay for that which resulted in the meeting’s approval of both an increase in membership to £15 a year and a reduction of the table light time bought for 20p to 30 minutes. Brian … Read more
2022-23 Billards Final

Congratulations to Geoff Beard who won the final of the billiards tournament against Alan Blackburn. Both are many-time winners of this trophy, which will be presented to Geoff at the club’s AGM on 14th March. In the billiards plate competition Terry Richardson beat Arthur Fryer to become the competition’s first winner.
2022-23 Snooker Finals

Congratulations to Don Greig who won this year’s snooker tournament final against Brian Rae. Both are previous winners of the trophy, which will be presented at the AGM on 14th March. In the snooker plate competition Chris Litherland beat Terry Broome (last year’s snooker champion) to become the first winner of the snooker plate competition.
2022-23 Snooker Semi-finals

Congratulations to Don Greig and Brian Rae who have made it to the final of the snooker competition. Commiserations to John Goulding and Kev Davies who lost out in the semi-finals. In the snooker plate semi-finals Terry Broome beat Ian Birch and Chris Litherland beat Neville Wellings. Terry and Chris now meet in the final.  … Read more
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